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Friday, 22 August 2008


I should put a roll of film through the ol' Leica today then!

Yesterday I received a copy of HCB's Scrapbook (thank you "Jeff Ladd's List"!) for my birthday, so imagine my happiness at reading this this morning...

I feel this might be the perfect excuse to follow your lead and spend the whole day with my new book!


I'm partial to Apropos de Paris, but it sounds like a nice way to spend the day.

I sure hope it's Bill Evans' "The Paris Concert". One of my favorites.

this post so made me smile. i so get it. relish and enjoy!

What a great idea for a Friday afternoon. I'll think I'll have that glass of wine, unwrap the brick called "The man, the image & the word" which as stayed untouched since I bought it last year. Almost 600 images - What a treat! As for Bill Evans, I'll return to one of his classics, Blue in Green, together with Miles on Kind of Blue. Suddenly I don't care about the rain anymore...

I think a red with a Bresson. Perhaps a Bordeaux.

I did the exact same thing last night with Waltz for Debbie and Sunday at the Village Vanguard. But then that's nothing different really for me. I always try to make that my day's end. And I certainly can't think of a better pair than Bill Evans and HCB. Throw in Scott LaFarro on bass and... Heaven.


Bresson's 1991 Painting Book in Taiwan.
(only issued 200 pieces in Taiwan).

Bresson and his wife Martine had been visited Taipei, Taiwan in 1991,
Bresson was showed his pencil painting,
his wife Martine was showed several photographs in the Taipei Art Museum.

I just got "A Vision Shared" one hour ago in the mail. Thanks to whoever it was who suggested it (it was on this forum.) As I type this, I'm listening to Queen's "Fat-Bottomed Girls." Jazz is for the tentative personality. 8-)


Sounds like a good idea, Mike. I'm just finishing up a very large print I've been working on most of the week. So I'm ready to look at someone else's work for a while on a rather gloomy Friday. (I just bought "The Best of Bill Evans" from iTunes, too.

If he was really that good he would have shot Kodachrome.

Thanks for the tip!

I had been looking for a good HCB book, but had been holding back because most of what I was seeing that was available didn't look particularly encouraging in the reproduction quality department. But "Photographer" looks to be excellent (although not exactly cheap), so it has been ordered and will arrive on Monday.

And I might just have to add some fresh Bill Evans to my collection to celebrate, even though I have way too much jazz around as it is.

Very pleased. Thanks again.

HCB and Bill Evans sounds like a perfect combination, and with kind of a link too. At one point it was quite fashionable in photo art circles to say things like, "Oh, Cartier-Bresson, wonderful photographer but sometimes a little too much the formalist, you know?" Just as about the same time certain jazz fans liked to say, "Sure, Bill Evans, great pianist but sometimes you have to wonder how much he can really swing."

These days I reckon the consensus is that HCB is about a whole lot more than form, and that Bill Evans really could swing.

The meantioned HCB-the photographer - Thames and Hudson book on theonlinephotographer's blog was not first print in 1992. The link was sold reprinted version in 1999. Yes Thames and Hudson was
reprint it in 1999.

The book is still stock and easy to buy brand new.


Thanks for the tip on Bill Evans. I have been trying to expand my jazz "collection" (Kind of Blue is my only album). I am enjoying The Best of Bill Evans.


PS: Does iTunes offer the same rewards that Amazon does? If so, you could add a link since you do from time to time make musical commentaries.

"Jazz is for the tentative personality."

Really? Do you think I have a tentative personality? Maybe I do. I don't think I do, but it's possible. No, I don't think so. But then again maybe....

Mike J.

"Kind of Blue" has Bill Evans on it. I always think of it as a Bill Evans record, but then I'm a little extreme with opinions like that.

I downloaded the entire 8 CDs of "The Last Waltz" yesterday...I should watch what I recommend, I usually end up costing myself money. [g]

Mike J.

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