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Sunday, 15 June 2008


Right on the spot. I never understood that emphasis on such an abstract quality. And I always use the same example, Adolf Hitler, to prove the point. On a civilised, modern society, leadership means little. There are many other qualities in a politician that can compensate for his "lack of leadership", specially considering that's a trait that dissapears as soon as they get the power. I think Obama is a good example. At this time I feel it's very important that the US presidential candidate takes people back into politics, thinking about the collective aspects of social life. The sectarians that have been ruling the US on behalf of (and for the benefit) of some powerful companies and individuals tried to make everybody believe that their input was not necessary, that after all they are the professionals, the leaders. Then they rule as they do: big tax cuts for the rich, huge spending in military and other insane industries, infrastructures and relief organisations on a pityful state, a war waged by the poor for miserable salaries, etc.
Too bad I can't vote in november, I am Spanish. It's going to be a close call and although I feel McCain is not as dangerous as Doubleya, I am pretty sure the world needs an Obama at this point. And I always felt we--meaning the rest of the world--should be allowed to have our say...

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