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Tuesday, 27 November 2007


A much better "photographic vision". Just that.

#1) time to take pictures
#2) time to share an discuss them with old friends from art school

1) I would like the Sony 70-200 F2.8 lens for my Sony A700.

2) I wish Sigma made their 50-150 F2.8 in a Sony mount!!!

1. Either an ultrawide or a nice telephoto zoom (don't have either now... ouch!)

2. Santa, pleeeaaase: a Nikkor 16-80 f/2.8! VR would be nice but I would be very happy without as well... (and no, it shouldn't break the bank or my back either)

A Canon 2Ds Mk.IV full-frame 6x6 with voice-controlled mirror lock-up and the new 80mm f3.5LX, the 150 f4LX, and the 180 f4.5LX macro lenses.

That's easy; I want a compact digital camera that's a CAMERA and not an electronic gadget.

To be precise; I want something like the Minolta CLE, that is exactly like the Minolta CLE except it has a full-frame digital sensor instead of using film.

No racks of menus, no auto-silliness, no lines of tiny buttons that you can never remember what they're for. Just a solid, compact, reliable rangefinder camera that just happens to be digital.

Oh... and sell it for under $1000. :-)

Like alot of responders an affordable RF street camera,looks like manufacturers are savvy enough not to satisfy our needs,it would probably damage sales of DSLRS if they did,judging by the percentage of people who wish for one?

1) Talent and Time.

2) Some picture holder insert rods that will hold my 4x5 negatives in a beseler 11x14 processing drum. I have everything else.

1. Monoblock flash setup, possibly two? (i've been a good boy haven't I?)

2. I want someone to finally bring out that april fools joke from afew years ago where a digital sensor can be placed in the film compartment of ANY 35mm camera.

or an Olympus XA rangefinder with 4/3rd sensor

or put an APSC sensor in my LX2

or a shifting version of sigmas 12-24mm for APS sensors (same lens, I just want it to shift)

or make me the boss and I'll make them.

1. Leica M8+Summilux 35/1.4
2. A small, high quality digital rangefinder I could afford without embarassment

1) A couple of weeks in an interesting place that's not been photographed to death. Ummmm... I don't know... Vietnam?

Failing that, I hope my Christmas purchase of E-3 will come through.

2) A weathersealed E-410 with dedicated controls and an E-3 viewfinder and the new generation Panasonic sensor.

Or an Olympus 100-400/2.8 lense as good as 300/2.8.

Dear Santa. I want either a Sony A700 or an new Olympus BUT I want a software change to either so I can bracket at least 3, preferably 5, shots with a 1.0 EV, preferably 1.5 or 2.0 EV difference between each shot. I want to be able to use my camera for HDR.
Thanks Santa. I will try to be better this year.

>If you could ask Santa (anyone in the photo
>industry) to make one special present
>(product) just for you, what would that be?

"Digital film" -- i.e. a digital sensor, processor and memory that fit in something the size and shape of a 35mm cassette (or 120 spool); something I could drop into nearly any 35mm camera (or 120 camera) and it would fit. There are so many wonderful cameras out there that are now paperweights or bookends because they're obsolete. I'd love to be able to use them again With digital media.

1. Lightroom (which, btw, with ver. 1.3 is now supposed to fully support RAF files).

2. My fantasy one-lens solution. 15-60mm f/2.8 or f/4 VR Nikon mount with great performance.

1.To become a better photographer.

2.A Zeiss Ikon, 28mm 2.8 Elmarit, 40mm 1.4 Voigtlander Nokton, to be used together with my own Olympus OM-1n/4.0 75-150mm Zuiko

3.A Nikon FM-3A with a full frame D-3 sensor.
Used, mint Nikon 28mm 1.4, Voigtlander ASPH UltronII 40mm 2.0, to be used together with my own Olympus OM-1n/4.0 75-150mm Zuiko

Small and light is good!
Eudoro (6'4",290 pounds)

1) Voightlander Bessa R4A with 15mm, 28mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.5. this will nicely compliment my R2 and 35mm f2.5 and 75mm f2.8

2) Digital version of the R4A

#2-- Photoshop miracle gro plug in that offers full B&W print quality and resolution with ease of online scans.

1. A week with a Photoshop/Lightroom wizard at my side showing me how to get more out of my existing work than I could have imagined.

2. A tripod that's completely painless to use (someone once observed that the single biggest technical decision you make is whether you are shooting on a tripod or hand held. I shoot hand held more than I should).

Time. Got the toys. Need time to do it right.

1) Besides TOP, the other blog I read regularly is the Strobist. It has inspired me to do more with flash ...so a pair of Pocket Wizards would be nice.

2) There has been some speculation that the recently announced Tokina AT-X 116 Pro DX is actually a Pentax design. So a Pentax DA* 11-16 f/2.8 would be really nice.

1. A D3. Unoriginal thought, but there it is. Way out of my league financially and more camera than I could ever justify functionally, but I'm sure it would take a while for the novelty fondling and fun factor to subside.

2. More pragmatically, a compact, relatively fast (f/2.8 would do), well-built, mid-wide-angle prime lens for APS-sized-sensor DSLRs. Somewhere around 16-18mm would be fine. Could even be manual focusing, if that's the perceived market. Not much to ask, one might think. So it's frustratingly amazing that such a simple and reasonable thing isn't made by anyone!

No doubt those responsible for the non-existence of this lens are the same people responsible for the lack of a larger-sensor compact camera.

#1 - a Nikon D3

#2 - something in the range of the Sigma 120-300 mm F2.8 lens in Nikon mount but with VR or equivalent. I would love Nikon themselves to get something close to this zoom range and aperture, but as long as Sigma adds VR (or whatever they call theirs) to their already existing lens, they have a sale.

1. A Tripod

2. CANON G9 with a fix 35mm equiv. lens

1. Dunno
2. A modern M-mount rangefinder in an M-sized body -- the D3 FX 12mp sensor, inbody-image stabilization (like in the K10), focus confirmation, dust removal, large twistable LCD on back. All the pieces are available -- just not the same camera (yet.) The M9?


1. A decent tripod and ballhead
2. A new version of Canon's 35mm f/2 lens with a better then 5 blade aparture and USM, but not bigger or (much) more expensive. I use the old one on my 5D 90% of the time.

2. Like many others, a large sensor compact camera with a wide angle prime lens and a good optical view finder.

1) Epson 7880 (to compliment my Epson 3800)

2) 5D Mark II with enough goodies to make me upgrade...

1. I'm kinda jonesing for that Zeiss 16-80 for my new Sony, but what I really need is a pigment ink printer (is the B9180 still the bee's knees?).

2. A reasonably-sharp-wide-open, compact 24mm f/2 APS-sized prime. Sure, there are great fast 35's out there in just about every mount, but I can't yet justify the price of a full-frame DSLR. I don't think this is going to happen, though.

1) A G9 and Voigtlander Mini external viewfinder.

2) A K10D in the size of a *ist DS.

1) Pentax SMC DA 70mm 1:2.4 Limited. Better with a K10D attached to replace my ist DL.

2) Digital X-Pan. It seems there are not so many pano freaks (at least here) so as it seems there is not a big demand for it, I will have to wait a loooooong time for my dream to became real...

1- Already got it - my set of Pentax DA Ltd. primes.

2 - Why, the set of FA ltd. primes, of course!

1. A round trip plane ticket to visit Mike Johnston in his studio(if allowed) but since I dislike being treated like a terrorist/crook in airports both from my present location and the US destination, I'll just probably give him the tickets instead and hope he will come visit me at my place and have a nice long chat about photography while soaked in a completely undressed fashion in an onsen. (*I can't probably afford his travel/consulting fees anyway - so I'll just probably buy a camera like everyone else).

2. A digital TLR with a 4cm square Foveon sensor the size of a Minolta Autocord but replaceable lenses like a Mamiya C220/C330. The waist level finder should function as an optical viewfinder, and as an electronic display using the new generation transparent OLED displays on top of it. The viewing lens automatically closes in post capture view to inhibit light from disturbing the OLED display. Also include a software-based parallax correction for certain lenses and shooting distances.

1) Canon EF 85 mm F1.2 L II lens

1. As 'Santa' bought me a nice Mamiya RB67 Pro SD outfit last year, I don't think I am going to ask for much more than some film and paper this year.

2. A medium format (6x7) rangefinder which I can actually afford to buy!


* Free time.
* Unlimited travel budget.
* Controllable weather.
* Dark room.

1. 12 intensive hands-on tutorials with an outstanding photographer, one hour each, one week apart for assignments/homework.

2. A special chip to put in my G7 so it will auto-white-point the exposure, to the percent white (e.g. 0.2%) that I specify using the rotating dial. Must also work with flash using a 1/16th power pre-flash.

1) Lightroom
2) time...

1. Imacron scanner

2. Alpa w/film and digital backs

1. Bessa R2A or R3A with Nokton 40/1.4 or a Bronica 645 RF and Zenzanon 65/4. Or the new Ultron SLII 40/2 for Nikon F? Any of those. Oh and another 20 rolls of Kodak 400TX (135 or 120) to use in one of those cameras.

2. An AF pancake prime in the 27-30 mm range f2.5 or f2.8 for Nikon dSLRs (DX format preferably). Keep it under 1" from the lens mount outwards. Oh and put the 45/2.8 AI-P back into production.

1) An Ebony SW45 with a complement of lenses.

2) Local photography centers, where members can share the latest print-making technology (computers, scanners, printers, software, etc...) without the hassle, expense or environmental degradation of buying and upgrading one's own stuff. These centers would be a great place for photographers to exchange ideas. I envision a dozen or more calibrated workstations, a super-knowledgeable staff person, and an assortment of inkjet printers and papers. Everything would be properly calibrated and maintained.

2b) A Fuji DSLR with a Velvia button--that churns out JPGs that look as good as (or better) than Velvia chromes on the light table.

2c) A new system of digital capture and print making that's more intuitive and "analog" in nature. It's time for technology to become transparent and get out of the way.

1. A semi-automatic film processor, like a Jobo
2. 4x5 400 ISO negative film in Quickloads or Readyloads

1. The Nikon D3. Help me Santa so I can enjoy shooting high school sports in dimly lit gyms again.

2. Nikon to introduce a 135mm f/1.8 AF-S lens...with or without VR, I'm not picky.

1) a K10D to replace my doddering old D1x (yes, I'm switching for the jiggle reducer). I think Santa may have this in his bag already.

2)More of those nifty limited primes!

Wouldn't it be way cool if Oprah read this post and buy everyone what they wanted?

1. A Leica M-8 with both tri-elmars

2. a lifetime supply of Azo paper in grades 1-4

1) Like most everyone here, my latest gadget obsession is the D3, but lets face it: that's too much camera for me, and the A700 (or it's successor) is the practical upgrade anyway.

2) Also like most everyone else here, I want a DMD. But more specifically I want a dRF. I don't want an M9 strictly because I couldn't afford a Leica. I'd like a Zeiss Ikon-D. A Zeiss collaboration with Sony and Cosina integrating the 12MP sensor from the A700 into the ZI body (with modified framelines and VF mag.) would be sweet. If the ZI-D had the same relative pricing to the M8 as the ZI has to the M7 they would not be able to keep up with demand. A D-Bessa R2/3/4 would be great too, but probably very unlikely given what I've heard about Cosina in that regard.

1. K10D (or K20D when it comes out)

2. Compact metal camera body with K10D (or K20D) guts. Kind of like a Pentax DMC-L1 form factor, but with an AF K mount. This would be a perfect "retro" match for my limited lenses.

1. A large format camera plus lenses, lensboards, dark cloth etc etc. Any format would do... 10x8, 6x7, whatever!

2. Ahh... now you're asking. OK I want a custom flashgun. Designed for off-camera use only, with remote operation compatible with both Nikon and Canon's systems (CLS and I forget Canon's name), with full remote zoom *and* directional modification, like a remote CCTV camera, but a strobe. It'd need built-in and remote operable restriction modifiers (grids, barndoors etc) and remote-changable colour temp balance. Oh and it'd need a pretty decent GN. And a built-in clamp of some kind.

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