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Friday, 07 September 2007


I don't know a darn thing about Japanese photography or what that even means.

I like this kind of stuff, but it seems the artist is just apologizing for making a wonderful and nifty book of post modern images and blaming the Japanese for it! I bet he was much happier with the results than expected. It's hard for an artist and photographer to put him/her self in the shoes of a typical tourist snapping lousy pics on purpose.

Nice one Mike

great guy, he has a good website (and has good deals on 100' of neopan 1600). i really enjoy this style of photography and enjoyed leafing through his book. thanks!

I think I'll do this. I have often done so, only not with a set time limit. But I seem to do best by working intense in a short time period, like an hour or two. Might as well make a virtue of my short attention span. :)

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