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Tuesday, 05 June 2007


Ever thought about using Adobe Contribute to update the contents of your Blog/site?


I only have one suggestion, which you are obviously free to ignore. Keep non-post related distractions to a minimum. Ads make you money, and therefore deserve prominence. But the "Resources" links on the rights side strike me as too large and too loud. Regular readers will know they are there, new readers will find them quickly, even if they are much smaller and use consistent font sizes. Even ignoring the ads, I count three different fonts on the page between the title, the resources links and the blog text. I certainly prefer clean and straightforward for a blog like yours, but this is obviously a question of taste.

Now, one last really personal request: any chance you can optimize TOP for reading on mobile devices? On the old page, I had to wait for the pictures to load for all of the ads and Amazon links before I could even see the text to judge whether there was a new post or not. This was because the browser on my Blackberry would first display all of the left side of the screeen, before showing the middle. I fear this will be worse now that there is a "right" side as well. My thumb just about falls off scrolling my blackberry anytime I want to check dpreview, as I have to scroll past all the cr*p on the left, then all the cr*p on the right, before I even see the top "main" post in the middle. But this is probably just me being whiny and I imagine you have other stuff to deal with...

Discombobulating? Is it a real English word? Indeed, one of the added values of this blog is the language. Sometimes intimidating for a non native speaker willing to post a comment, but certainly entertaining.

Choosing between TypePad and WP is probably going to be a little like choosing between Canon and Nikon.

I don't think there's a convenient way to link directly to the blog due to the frame structure of the page. The bookmark will take you back to the main page. Even if you try to get just the blog frame, you get the current blog entry you're looking at, not the most recent blog post. Maybe there's a way of setting this up from your end.

Nevermind my previous post. It's tricky to find, but regular users can bookmark the blog directly at--


David and all -

If you set up a bookmark to...


...it should take you to the blog.

PS: the URL may be displayed truncated on your screen, but it should be all there if you copy it or click on it.

Nice to see you up and running again, sorry to find out that you weren't at work secretly reviewing the new, still hypothetical Epson RD-2 or the new, still hypothetical UPDDEC (Universal Pocketable Digital Do Everything Camera).

At the risk of not minding my own business (which I should be working harder at getting started), please allow me to pass along one thing.

Chris Pearson runs a great blogging web site and develops themes for WordPress. Whether or not you decide to switch to WordPress, his site or some of his work may inspire you. At a minimum, his site is worth a look: http://www.pearsonified.com/

-- Dave Sailer

Hey Mike, I'm sorry for contributing to the Wordpress stress machine. I had not realized that you were so far along over here so I had not intended to demean your efforts thus far, it is looking good. And above all, of course, it is the content itself that I am interested. I just wanted to speak up for some software that I have been pleased with, personally. I have had no experience with Typepad so I cannot comment on it.

Glad to see the site up and running, and sorry to hear about all the trials you went through.

Just wanted to encourage you to try all of the tools people are suggesting for your blog (and as many as you can find), but just as with any of the tools we work with, you'll probably find one you like more than the others. While I would not ignore people's comments on one system or another, after working with software for 15 years now, I would encourage you to take your time and find the tool that:

1) meets your needs
2) feels comfortable to use
3) fits your budget for the site
4) seems to offer a solid future potential

Basically, the same things you look for in your photo gear!

Again, glad to see the site is up. Keep on truckin'.

Mike, the newest version of Wordpress (which is far simpler than typepad in my opinion) has a blogger importer so you can add all of your old posts and comments. Details here: http://wordpress.org/development/2007/05/wordpress-22/

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