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Thursday, 07 June 2007


I'm not sure about how frequent the columns/essays etc update, but I think that if there's more than one update within a short period you should just lump them all into one entry on the blog.

About the blog posting, I think keep them separate so that we don't get comments for multiple different essays in one post.

As for the toning in digital. Well on the odd occasion when I think I want to make some photo sepia toned in photoshop, I often find myself thinking that it isn't enough and applying the effect again, only to realise that I have now overdone it. At least when are developing with a certain paper you are more restricted by how it looks.

I think it is the one drawback of digital manipulation, all images come out more. More saturation, more contrast, more toning, more everything.

I really dig your JNMSS. The important takeaway being that your system is, in fact, a system for creating one's own system. As long as we apply some rigor up front to our own methods, and we are pleased with the results, then that method is *the* method.

Having just re-read the Adams trilogy, I am reminded of the importance of testing and learning your own setup, even in this era of digital. The lessons are still informative, as is your article.

And heck, now, with auto bracketing, you can do a ring-around that much easier!

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