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Monday, 04 June 2007


Sure hope he's going to update it sometime soon. It's two years plus since the last entry!

"CGIwrap Error: Could not open log file for appending!
Error: No such file or directory (2)" is the message I get when i try to post a comment to Bill's site. I hope he's still out there doing his essays. The farm essay was a treat.

I second this, Mike. I only know Bill through his blog and his photos, one of which I have bought and displayed (a retired cow, now that you ask). He takes you places you didn't know were there.

I'm three dogs old. Started late, what can I say. Read the essay, am in tears. Dogs will do that to you.

Hurrah for the new site. We'll stick with you.

Hell, I don't even have a dog, and that had me ready to go to the pound. Great story, punctuated by even better photographs. That's why this is the best photo site on the web...it has heart.

Thanks. Don

A very touching photo essay, indeed. I've been through this cycle with one pet, and am likely to repeat the agony in the coming years. (Glutton for grief, I guess.)

I recall seeing Bill on one of the photo forums but I just can't recall which one. I thought it was the Leica forum, perhaps before it moved to its new site and ownership.

Well I know Bill Emory from his order of my book on the history of dog photography called "The Dog Album: Studio portraits of Dogs and their People". We bonded over our love for dogs and photography.

Coincidentally last night I was scanning the negatives made by a local studio of me as the author with my favorite dog for the promo piece for that book. She has since died and the scanning was poignant and had me remembering our cherished times together.

Then THIS piece shows up on your blog this morning and the link to the article on Bill Emory's dog and her death.

I sat here weeping in front of my computer for quite a bit. As painful as that was, I thank you for providing that link to something so thoughtful and beautiful. Your blog always has something surprising for everyone. Thank you.

The dog in the box in the Sisters thumbnails really got to me. I have seen that many times, and yet I always get another dog. My latest was named Leica by my son who said she reminded him of my Leica camera. She is small, white in color with black spots.

I love this site.

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