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Thursday, 07 June 2007


..and a guy being able and willing to spend that amount lightly on any work of art wreaks havoc in the art market, I guess.

Havoc? Heck, that IS the art market.

As Hirst himself says in the same article, what else are the super-rich going to spend their money on?


Yes, a product that has no actual value but a subjective perception of its worth, and its price can be driven endlessly upwards actually causing an even better perception of the product in question is THE solution when there is nothing else to be bought.

He He
the artist is making art of buying art! funny and ironic.

Has any product got an actual value? People will only pay what they perceive a product is worth whether it be a car or a work of art.

Paul, I think there's a primary product definition, which is not subjective. The car as means of transport, devoid of all luxury or status dressings is one. A car that doesn't transport you doesn't qualify as a car, in my opinion (a classic or collection car is a completely different product). So the creator has to stick to some basic definition, otherwise the whole product loses focus. There is no such constraint in art. Mainly because it's not useful.

"There is no such constraint in art. Mainly because it's not useful."

that's a strange, unfortunate conclusion

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